Real Bodies. Real Life. RealJoy Yoga

Experience our transformative, beginner-friendly classes for clients with little or even no experience! Learn the foundations of yoga while celebrating the inner journey of self discovery and acceptance at our peaceful studio in the heart of Livonia, MI.

New to us? Try 30 days of unlimited classes for just $65.

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Empowering bodies, uplifting hearts.

Have you ever said to yourself, “I’m too fat for yoga?” or "I'm too old to start?" If so, you belong right here. 

We do things differently. Show up exactly as you are on the mat - no fancy gear required. Let us help you take the first step on that long-overdue journey of self-discovery and acceptance. We’ll help you rewrite your inner narrative and build a positive relationship with your mind and body all while establishing a sustainable movement and self-care practice that will last a lifetime.

We’ll move at your pace – our classes are more than beginner-friendly; they were built FOR the brand newbie and come with a high level of 1:1 attention. Prepare to be seen here. It’s what we do. Our workouts are also work-ins: we’ll teach you to cultivate inner wellness through approachable, modern spiritual insight. No fluff, just grounded inspiration to help you live a healthier, more mindful life. 

Become a part of a community where you can connect with like-minds, find support, and grow with others who are seeking joy through mindful movement. Real bodies. Real life. RealJoy Yoga.

New to us?

Whether you're new to yoga or new to us, you're welcome here. Most clients start with our introductory offer of 30 days for $65, which gives you a chance to try all of our styles and teachers to find your perfect fit.

More joy!

The RealJoy yoga way.

Our classes are different because we're different.

We believe that we all want to feel like our lives have meaning. That we are all looking for connection. That we all have a deep longing to forgive and love ourselves. That we all want inner peace and self-acceptance.

What does yoga have to do with any of that?

In our classes, we learn to show up as we are, to celebrate every small bit of progress, to celebrate the bodies we brought in with us, to become present to the moment, to connect with our breath, to notice the thoughts in our minds that hold us back and to let them pass like clouds.

We learn to come to our mats and show up for ourselves. We learn to lose our balance and laugh about it. We learn to focus on our own process instead of comparing ourselves to others. We learn to quiet our inner anxieties. We learn to commit to a process.

We see nothing but your limitless potential. Allow us to provide you with our unwavering support as you embark on the fulfilling journey through your yoga practice.

Try 30 days of classes for $65

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